About Avkaash

Avkaash is a services and support organisation for NGOs and social businesses which aims to enable organisations access their optimum potential for generating resources, impact and change. We do this by providing efficient and cost effective solutions for operational functions like accounting, financial management, legal compliances and donor management.

A conservative estimate of the Central Bureau of Investigation, India (CBI) puts the number of NGOs in India at around 20 lakhs, the absolute ratio being, 1 NGO per  600 people. It is an accepted paradigm now that NGOs are not competitive but complementary to the government’s development initiatives.

The last decade has also seen an emergence and rapid growth of social business, unique models that aim to combine financial sustainability and social impact.While part of a global trend, India today is one of the world’s largest breeding grounds for these mission-driven companies called “social enterprises” (socents). These socents are operating across sectors, regions and stages of development.**(Source)

That in mind, the rationale behind Avkaash is conceived as follows: