Reason To Be

Most of social impact organisations not-for-profit or otherwise are essentially people’s organisations so they grow and expand organically. They sculpt themselves according to the demands of their stakeholders but in spite of the growth and potential, they struggle with certain basic operational issues. 
Avkaash has been conceived to provide practical and hands on solutions for such and other related issues aimed at maximising the efficiency of the finance and reporting function of the organisation.

Over the years we have observed that issues Avkaash can help fix are:

Credibilty vs Compliance - 100% compliance, nothing less."- Periodical Compliance checklist
- Access to information on amendments and notifications
'- Quarterly compliance reporting to Board with exception report."
The Glass door - Clear-cut transparency "- Monthly website report in funding and project wise utilisation.
- Designing interim donor reports
- Aligning accounting to impact measurement"
Where is the money - Skilled resource for less"-Where your CFO costs less than your accountant.
- Benefit of the Avkaash model where a skilled resource's time is divided amongst organisations ulitmately leading to more organisations benefitted at an affordable cost."
Beyone bandwidth - CXO sounding board"- Ready answers and solutions to all questions related finance, accounting and legal compliance.
- Sample SOPs and process manuals
- Tested process and formats for data capture
- Continuous updation and sharing of knowledge bank"
If I just knew - Constant update to CXO"- Monthly report to the CXO with hightlings or points of concern.
- Immediate email updates with action points on important news.
- General sector updates"
Transition troubles - making changes smooth"- Special handholding during changes
- Flexibility in time spent for the organisation so there is always a resource available when you need it. "
  • Credibility vs. Compliance :

Many organisations enjoy and deserve the confidence of their donors and investors. They have proved their credibility by achieving impact but many miss out on several compliance issues that come up in detailed audits and assessment by donors. This is hardly ever intentional but it happens and then, credibility proves to be a fragile thing.

  • The Glass door :

It is the most talked about but the least practiced aspect of this sector. Transparency can only be achieved if you are squeaky clean and confident of it. Many organisations never achieve the confidence to install the glass door.

  • Where is the money? :

Finding funds for operations cost is a constant struggle. This lack of funds puts operations as the first from the last in the order of priorities. In addition to that hiring a highly skilled resource which is needed for the finance function is not possible because there is no money to pay for it.

  • Beyond bandwidth :

Most CEOs seem to be playing catch-up at all times. There are things which just don’t get done, slip through the cracks or are relegated to the back burner due to bandwidth issues and more often than not, these are operations and finance issues.

  • If I just knew :

Clear and concise information received on time is like half the battle won. If I just knew there was a grant available for such work, or there is a deficit in the project in the last quarter or we had to file this return monthly etc. are a few examples of information gaps within organisations. It is something CEOs have invariably thought one time or the other.

  • Transition trouble :

There are situations where an organisation is expected to make a sudden transition like a donor’s requirement to revamp the financial system as a prerequite to a large grant or an unexpected resignation of the senior Finance staff member. These sometimes prove to be make or break situations and require the CEO already stretched bandwidth.

Avkaash has been conceived to provide practical and hands on solutions for such and other related issues through various services aimed at maximising the efficiency of the finance and reporting function of the organisation.