Our Services

  • Reliable, timely and accurate financial information
  • Access to resources on accounting and financial management
  • Ensure Maker-Checker systems for accounting
  • Compliance with relevant laws and regulation
  • Training and hand holding of the accounts team
  • Always available sounding board
  • Pro-active accounting function
  • Financial information for impact assessment
Our range of financial management services includes :

Outsourced services : 

We handle your accounts like they are our own. These services range from

  • Basic book-keeping
  • Internal control and overview
  • CFO functions

Statutory compliance : 

We provide a one-time assessment on statutory compliance plus an ongoing internal check of whether every legal requirement is being complied with and creating a system to check and ensure a continuous adherence to timelines and statutory deadlines.

Transition and handover : 

This is a short-term service where we handle the transition of the accounting function from:

  • Outsourced to in-house
  • Manual to computerised
  • Software to software conversion

Audit preparation and finalisation :

An annual service where we hand hold the accounts team through the audit process and liaise with the auditor for finalisation of accounts, filing returns and other.

Donor reporting and management :

These services can is available both when the grant is to be applied of and after it is received.

  • Pre services include creating the budget, integration of donor budget with the organisation’s overall budget and presentation of the budget in the grant application.
  • Post services include designing a donor calendar and based on utilisation data provided by the organisation, create the required donor reports as per timelines. Donor communication in regards to reporting is also included in this service.

Financial reporting : 

We design financial reports for the programme team/ Board that provides information which can enable decisions for resources allocation, variances and impact assessment.

Training : 

Organisations can also take short-term training programmes meant to address capacity gaps in the accounting team.

3. Community collective

To enable finance professionals in this sector to come together and emerge as a collective. We want to give one LOUD voice to a critical stakeholder in the sector and ultimately the country’s development. Avkaash aspires to incubate, promote and nurture a collective of CFOs and finance professions working with social impact organisations in India which will enable them to mutually strengthen, share and synergise with each other.

The collective is at a nascent stage but to start with we have started conversations online on. between people who work in the finance and compliance areas in NGOs and social businesses.